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Sioux Falls Man Claims $65,629 Dakota Cash Jackpot

For Immediate Release: 3/10/2014

Pierre, S.D. – When it comes to buying lotto tickets, Kevin Webster follows a specific procedure. It’s too confusing to explain, he says, but it obviously works. The Sioux Falls man on March 10, 2014 claimed his $65,629 Dakota Cash jackpot from the March 5, 2014 drawing.


Webster purchased the winning ticket at his usual lottery retailer, Munchies on W. 11th Street in Sioux Falls. The store will receive a $3,281 bonus for the sale. He regularly plays Dakota Cash, Hot Lotto and Wild Card 2, picking his own numbers and purchasing for two draws at a time. Yet even with a system, his jackpot win was still a surprise.


“My first reaction was I’ll believe it when I see it,” Webster said. He “saw it” in the Thursday edition of his local paper when he found his numbers matched those drawn in the Dakota Cash drawing from the night before.


While Webster is still feeling the shock of the win and has no definite plans for his winnings, he does intend to keep playing and offered some advice to others who have yet to bring home a jackpot.


“Take a chance. Don’t get hooked. Pay your bills.”


Dakota Cash is played and won only in South Dakota. The jackpot currently sits at $20,000 for the next drawing on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

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